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Stars - Hold On When You Get Love And Let Go When You Give It

How did I miss this?

Stars - The Night Starts Here (by artscrafts)

Double triple quadruple repost.

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Stars - Barricade

Off the newly-released The Bedroom Demos.  Bunch of stuff they recorded between Set Yourself on Fire and In Our Bedroom After the War.  I kinda dig some of the demos more than I do the final songs.  Good stuff.

Get the thing here.  Unfortunately, no physical media.  Just digital download.  sadface.

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Death to Death

Stars - Death to Death


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Dead Hearts

Stars - Dead Hearts

Cause this song is likely about the Tormenters from Harry Potter.

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The Five Ghosts

Stars - The Five Ghosts

My superspecial edition of The Five Ghosts finally showed up at my door today.  It came with superspecial tracks.  This is one of them.  This track wouldn’t have fit on the record proper, but it’s an amazing bonus.  So amazing, I’ve love to see the band do a lil electro record.  Just for shits and gigs. 

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The Last Song Ever Written

Stars - The Last Song Ever Written

this is the last time that there will be a last time

This… this is fucking magic.

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Wasted Daylight

Stars - Wasted Daylight


This.  New single from The Five Ghosts, released 06-08-2010.

Hints of Frou Frou.


Stars - “Fixed” 5/28 Fallon ( (via yayforcbs)

"squeeeeeeeeeee!" would be a supernaturally understated reaction to how fucking happy this makes me.

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